The expected results of the project are:

  • A research of business opportunities susceptible to be developed in the frame of social economy by immigrants (available)
  • A new methodology to identify and assess the specific skills for entrepreneurship (available)
  • A new methodology to train in competences and specific skills for entrepreneurship (available)
  • A new methodology to facilitate the implementation of new initiatives in the frame of social economy (see below)

The search «Business opportunities in the frame of social economy» provides an overview of the state of the art concerning social economy and immigrants in the involved countries and, especially, in the involved locations:

  • Ljubljana (Slovenia)
  • Larissa (Greece)
  • Città di Castello (Italy)
  • Burgos (Spain)

The report is the first step of Sentim and offers a general overview at national, regional and local level and reflects the differences among the involved partners concerning the development of social economy, included the employment creation, especially for the immigrant people or/and people at risk of social exclusion. The study tries to point out the situation at local level and offers a short collection of best practices in each of the involved locations.

Finally, the report describes some possibilities to develop new social enterprises at local level and suggest new methods to identify opportunities for the development of projects in the frame of social economy.

Our aim is to know the local reality in order to foster entrepreneurship and develop new social enterprises in the involved cities, taking into consideration the especial situation of the immigrant people.

The study represents a clear frame of a well-defined European area: that of four of the countries most affected by crisis. Thus, the research represents an added value at European level as it provides an overall picture of the social economy, existing good practices, entrepreneurship and immigrants situation in this area, useful for future projects on this field. As the partners have in aim to enlarge the partnership in a next project about new teaching methods for immigrants students, this research could be a good starting point. Available here.

Related to the development of a new methodology to identify and assess the specific skills for entrepreneurship:

  • A collection of tools to identify interest.
  • A new tested and validate methodology to identify the interest for entrepreneurship adapted to the immigrant people. Including the necessary tools.
  • A research about competences needed for entrepreneurship, in general and, specifically in immigrant people.
  • A list about competences needed for the entrepreneurship of immigrant people.
  • An analysis about competences evaluation, a collection of tools to evaluate and a research about competences evaluation.
  • A tested and validate methodology to evaluate the competences needed for entrepreneurship adapted to immigrant people.
  • The tools have been tested in workshops with immigrants in Italy and Spain.
  • The development of an e-learning module for professionals about detecting interests and evaluate competences.

Related to the development of a new methodology to train in specific skills and competences for entrepreneurship, the handbook «How to train competences needed for social entrepreneurshi» is:

  • A collection of good practices in training in competences and skills.
  • The practical result of a research about methodology in training in competences.
  • The result of an analysis about training in competences for immigrant people.
  • A tested and validate methodology to train in entrepreneurship competences.
  • In the frame of the project, the partners have developed two training courses / workshops on skills and competences for immigrant people, in Italy and Spain, to test and validate the methodology.
  • The handbook is the basis for the development of an e-learning module for professionals: “skills and competences for the entrepreneurship”

Available: here

Related to the development of a new methodology to facilitate the implementation of new initiatives in the frame of social economy through the design and implementation of new measures to accompany (go with) and support the individual and social entrepreneurship, after a research about the needs of the entrepreneur people, specially those related to emotional needs, Sentim offer:

  • A tested and validated methodology of accompaniment to deliver the support identified as needed (emotional support), complementary to the individual competences of the entrepreneurs, to provide additional support to the immigrants (strhgths-based coaching)
  • Basic information. Before the implementation of the trainings for developing or improving entrepreneurial skills trainers must provide basic information to the participants.

The short guide has been developed by project partners in the frame of SENTIM project, Social Entrepreneurship for Immigrants, an Erasmus+ project with the aim to create relevant and useful methodology for providing support to immigrants who decide to start their entrepreneurial path in a new country. Providing entrepreneurial training is the core tool when an individual decides to start entrepreneurial career, but on the other side, providing support to immigrant individuals before and during their entrepreneurial endeavours is also crucial.

Sentim e-learning tool

SENTIM E-learning tool is a rich source of knowledge and useful information for all professionals who work with immigrants and want to help them explore their entrepreneurial interest, potential, competencies and provide them additional knowledge about entrepreneurship and business model canvas. The tools are user friendly and include guidelines and instructions. They can be used by different professionals, also those who do not have extensive knowledge about entrepreneurship. The first and third module can be used also in other settings and adapted to the needs of the target groups or knowledge, experiences of the trainers and professionals. The tool can also be used directly by immigrants who can get additional information, explore business model canvas and develop their own business idea.

How to access SENTIM E-learning tool?

You access the e-learning tool through the website

When you first visit the e-learning environment, you will need to register. Registration is easy and you only need to enter your name, email and password (that you create).

The e-learning tool is available in five different languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Greek and Slovenian.

Most of the documents are available also in the downloadable format.



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