G. O. Bufalini

Opera Pia Officina Operaia “G.O. Bufalini” operates from 1909 in Città di Castello, Umbria Region. It trains about 600 young and adults each year. It works mainly with young students coming from Italy and other countries (actually about 150 young coming from 15 countries).

Northern African countries, such as Morocco and Tunisia; Balkan and Eastern European countries such as Romania, Ukraine, Albania and Kosovo; Southern American countries, Philippines and China-).

About the young people, the training center offers two-year courses right-duty (funded by European Social Fund) with the release of professional qualification. It is a qualification alternative to the high school frequency.

The structure occupy about 2,000 covered meters of classrooms, laboratories, meeting rooms. The training center is accredited by Umbria Region for initial, continuous and higher education. It is certified ISO 9001:2008 and ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence). It has got: Computer labs, mechanic lab, welding lab, carpentry lab, wood carving lab, wood restoration lab, hairdresser lab, cars and motorcycles repairing lab, cooking and catering lab, bar and restaurant “tasting hall”, conferenze hall multimedia hall.

“G.O. Bufalini” offers a model and a long experience working with immigrant integration through professional training courses. It has experience both with young and adult people, and works both with first-generation immigrants and, in large numbers, with the children of immigrants.

It has several case history in creation of immigrant entrepreneurs born from the training: an experience of integration and entrepreneurships through training activities. A contribution to the immigrants both in early school leaving and exclusion from the labor market prevention.

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