Burgos Acoge

Burgos Acoge is a small non profit organization, was born in 1993 and works to correct the disadvantage situation of migrants, defend their rights and report situations of discrimination and injustice.

Burgos Acoge has more than 25 years experience providing services adapted to the immigrants needs as the following ones: Job placement, information and legal advice, education and training, social promotion, psichological support, shelter, housing access, awareness, fight against discrimination, diversity management, social responsibility.

Burgos Acoge works and develop projects in coordination with private institutions and public administrations and is partner of some local, regional and national networks and partnerships as the following ones:

  • Red Acoge, national network for immigrants
  • Federación Regional Castilla y León Acoge, Regional network
  • EAPN Castilla y León, Red Regional to fight against poverty
  • Equalbur, social local network

In 2012 BA was declared a organization of “public utility”. Currently are part of Burgos Acoge 33 volunteers, 48 contributors, 21 partners and 11 workers. In 2014 Burgos Acoge provided information, orientation and services as the mentioned above to almost 2000 immigrant people.

Burgos Acoge has more than 25 years of experience in: Fostering and improving employment integration of the immigrant population, information and legal advice, education and training, social promotion, psichological support, diversity management and social responsibility. Also networking and project management.

BA has also wide experience in education and training: Spanish for foreing people, vocational training courses, ocupational training courses, workshop, social and relation skills training courses, social integration courses, special training courses to acquire the spanish nationality, … And social inclusion experience: Personalised itineraries for social integration , pathways to integration in employment for immigrant people, social aids, …

Burgos Acoge has recently integrated new ways of doing -as coaching- in the development of the personalised itineraries for social integration. And few months ago, BA launched an occupational workshop aiming to train social skills to improve employability of immigrants, an adequate space to test the methodology arising from the project and to develop some of the actions referred to in SENTIM project.

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