Dissemination activities and Sentim news

Inside our organizations we ensured that all the departments have a proper knowledge about the results of the Sentim project. We achieved this:

  • Involving most of the professionals in each organization in the development of the project (over 20 professionals have been participate directly in the development of the project)
  • Specific meetings and training sessions about the project results, as the meeting in Burgos (07/11/2015) to inform about Sentim project over 25 people, most of them volunteers of Burgos Acoge.

Al local level our actions had been targeted towards social services, VET providers, entrepreneurship and business centers, policy makers (local politicians), social organizations, chambers of commerce, enterprise organizations, start up groups, coworking centers, innovation centers, … immigrants and other potential entrepreneurs. Some local networks have been used in the diffusion plan and have been involved in the development of the project. Here we can mentioned the collaboration in Burgos with the Comisión de Integración of the City Council in the organization of workshops addressed to professionals that work with immigrant people, or the presentation of SENTIM project to mentors and participants at the STARTUP weekend in Trbovlje, Slovenia in March 2016.

We have been able to involve the local media in the diffusion of the project from the beginning. Two examples are the presentation of the project to the local media in Cità di Castello, in November 2015; or the press conference in Burgos at the end of the project in October 2017.

A good number of professionals and immigrant people have had some contact with Sentim project activities, for example, over 140 immigrants have participate in Burgos in the development of the project.

We have had the opportunity to present Sentim project at regional, national and at European level. IED has used their participation in European projects to inform about Sentim at European level, as well as Step team through their participation in Erasmus+ courses. Burgos Acoge took advantage his participation in national networks to inform about Sentim at this level, as the presentation of Sentim in Cordoba (July 2016) in a national meeting of Red Acoge.

You could find details of this dissemination activities in each country by clicking in the following links:






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