Training in competences needed for entrepreneurship


Training in competences needed for entrepreneurship

Training in competences needed for entrepreneurship is a practical handbook tailored for trainers who want to lead individuals or groups of migrants in acquiring competences in order to develop and start up their own social business.
Given that depending on mentors and mentees attitudes and competences the learning context can be different; the guide should represent a flexible tool that mentors can adapt to mentees’ individual situations.
It is recommended to work with trainers who have sufficient knowledge and information about the economy, business or start-up environment and dynamics. Moreover, trainers should have previuos and relevant experience with conducting trainings in the field of personal development or the development of soft skills and/or other competencies. In case it is not possible to work with experienced trainer, a good idea is to previously consult with business expert or experienced entrepreneur or to invite him/her as guest lecturer in one of the sessions.
It foresees a brief introduction on “experiential teaching of entrepreneurship for mentors” aimed at explaining the role of the trainer, how to use the tool and ensuring that the reader will be familiar with the guide’s principles, goals and deliverables. The document has been structured in 8 sessions to facilitate the mentor through a led step by step process. Avalilable here

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