Coaching approach


Coaching approach

Strengths-based coaching approach can be used with the objective to provide additional support to immigrants. Often, individuals need more than just basic entrepreneurial knowledge and information to start their own business path. It is important for organisations working with immigrants to have the knowledge and skills to help individuals discover what they already know, what worked well and could be used again, which are their strengths they can build upon etc. It has to be kept in mind that giving advices usually isn’t working well since an option, solution or business idea that works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another. Individuals have to explore their own interests, abilities and strengths and build upon them in order to achieve success and have the energy and motivation to carry on despite the obstacles that certainly can occur along the way. Coaching is a useful tool to deal with different situations in life – in personal and professional sphere. Here you can download the tool Coaching – a tool for providing support to immigrants on their entrepreneurial path


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