Training in competences needed for entrepreneurship (2)


Training in competences needed for entrepreneurship (2)

Training in competences needed for entrepreneurship, a practical handbook tailored for trainers who want to lead individuals or groups of migrants in acquiring competences in order to develop and start up their own social business.
The guide is structured in 8 sessions to facilitate the mentor through a led step by step process:
1. Entrepreneurship is…
2. Design, thinking and learning about the customer
3. Making sense out the data and understanding your market
4. Generating ideas
5. Prototyping
6. Business model and business planning
7. Feedbacks, implementation and storytelling
8. Presenting your business idea
You can download the handbook here, visit for more information or access Sentim platform, an interactive e-learning program that includes three e-learning modules which can be used by professionals.

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