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Bufalini dissemination activities

Bufalini dissemination activities have been implemented by using different strategies and channels.

First of all, Bufalini developed a strong collaboration with the local NGO Tamat. As Bufalini is a professional VET school, this collaboration was crucial in order to achieve a different target group and different stakeholders.

For that reason, during the project cycle, Bufalini used mainly the following channels in order to spread information:

– Bufalini’s webpage

– Bufalini’s facebook page

– Tamat’s webpage

– Tamat’s facebook page

– events

– newspaper

– podcasts

Target groups of the dissemination activities have been:

– training centers

– associations working with migrants

– migrants’ association

– professional schools

– Universities

– NGOs

Bufalini organized a Multiplier Event in Italy bu it also participated to other events organized by other organizations.

Press conference during the first transnational meeting in Città di Castelo, Nobember 2015

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Two main events were:

Multiplier Event – “Medbalt” project


Bufalini developed synergies with “MEDBALT, Migrants Perspectives from Mediterranean and Baltic Sea Regions”, a project implemented by the Italian NGO Tamat.

Tamat hosted Bufalini during their multiplier event on 20th of May 2016 in order to give visibility to SENTIM and share the results achieved through the project. The event took place in Perugia at Umbrò Conference Hall.

The event was organized with the intend of discussing about possible solutions on: migrants employment, microcredit, voluntary return as a strategy to develop migrants’ countries of origin.

Bufalini had the opportunity to share the SENTIM tools and participate to a roundtable with important stakeholders as:

– Piero Sunzini, Tamat NGO Executive Director

– Luca Di Sciullo, IDOS (organization in charge of developing the Italian annual “Migration Statistical Dossier”)

– Barbara Pilati, Social Policies Responsible for ARCI (the most important organisation dealing with migrants in Umbria)

– Alessandro Maria Vestrelli, Umbria Region, Director of social servicies network planning and development service

Migrant Entrepreneurship

Growth and growth of entrepreneurship among migrants

The Italian multiplier event of “SENTIM – Social ENTrepreneurship for Immigrants”, was organized on 28th October 2016 at Immigration Consultancy Office in Via Imbriani 2, Perugia.

Main contents of the event: immigrant entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, development, employment, interviews to migrants who have succeeded in creating a business in Italy and migrants who would be interested in creating it in their country of origin

«Migrant Entrepreneurship» has been discussed by Stefano Briganti of the Workshop Bufalini (City of Castello), Francesco Francescalia (Umbria Region), Franco Billi (Regione Umbria) Suleman Diara (Barikama Social Cooperative), Riccardo Fano (Ya Basta Association), Modou Gueye (Association Sunugal), Robert Stalin Moran (entrepreneur), Piero Sunzini (Tamat NGO), Paolo Tamiazzo (ARCI / ARCS).

During the event, boys and girls of the (Young Muslims Association of Perugia), had the opportunity to share to the public the entrepreneurial projects developed through the working seminar of the SENTIM project.

After the presentation the entrepreneurial projects were discussed, improved, analysed through a World Cafè that included also the stakeholders and the public who attended the event.

Podcasts of the event at the following link:

1) Young Muslims projects presentation

Suleman DIARA (Barikama Social Cooperative)

Francesco FRANCESCAGLIA (Umbria Region)
Riccardo FANO’ (YA BASTA Perugia)
Moderator: Piero SUNZINI (Tamat NGO)
QA session with the audience following the panel
Interview: Colomba DAMIANI

3) Featuring:

Arlinda MUJA | Social entrepreneur from Albania owner of the restaurant «Il gusto di Pantalla di Todi», Perugia (IT)
Stefano BRIGRANTI | Director of VET School G.O. Bufalini, Città di Castello (IT)
Robert Stalin Moran ASPIAZU | Entrepreneur from Ecuador owner of a welding steel works factory «Azienda Manutenzioni e Saldature» Marsciano, Perugia (IT)
Moderator Piero Sunzini | Director Tamat NGO (IT)

4) Featuring

Modou GUEYE | Artist, Activist, Leader Senegalese Diaspora, Social Entrepreneur and President of SUNUGAL (IT-SE)
Stefano BRIGRANTI | Director of VET School G.O. Bufalini, Città di Castello (IT)
Paolo TAMIAZZO | ARCI | ARCS and Regional Representative Forum for the National Non-Profit Sector (IT)
Moderator: Piero Sunzini | Director Tamat NGO (IT)

Other events

Social Start Ups Multiplier event.

It was an event focused on “adult people with low level of key competencies and tools able to empower them with entrepreneurial competencies”. The event took place in Perugia on 10-11.03.2017.

Bufalini was invited by Tamat to share SENTIM results and aims.

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