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First Presentation of Sentim Project in Larissa, Greece

On 20/09/2015 the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development(IED) organized an internal meetup of the people that are closely related with the organization, employees/researchers/workers/volunteers.

The subject of the meeting was the presentation of the project Sentim.

Panagiotis Koutoudis (Project Manager of IED) introduced the subject and the activities of the project to his peers. That triggered a group discussion about the unemployment that is especially highlighted in immigrant population and how entrepreneurship could be an alternative solution for them.

Some of the participants referred to similar actions that are implemented in Greece and abroad. They distinguished the innovative factor of the activities of Sentim project and they exchange opinions about the best ways to implement these activities. Under these scope, a lot of productive ideas came up. Finally, the team focused on the actions that IED will implement during the upcoming years.

As a result, people got a clear view about Sentim project in order to be involved in the future. Moreover, they became ambassadors of the project and from this day they will be able to present Sentim project in other occasions.


Nowadays in Greece, the need of searching and finding alternative sources of employment and integration into entrepreneurship through organized strategies and action is more intense than ever before.

A source like this is Social Economy and Entrepreneurship’s sector which shows positive growth prospects and can absorb people who are interested in joining employment and entrepreneurship while they are contributing to the development of the local and national economy.

In this direction, Institute of Entrepreneurship Development in collaboration with the Association of Thessalian Business and Industries, organized a workshop – roundtable for exchanging thoughts, presentation of actions and strategies as well as best practices related with Social Economy and Entrepreneurship. Within the workshop’s framework, there will be special emphasis on how the social Economy sector can be a means of integrating vulnerable and specific groups of the population, such as immigrants, into employment and entrepreneurship.

The result of the workshop – roundtable will be to record the existing needs and to plan actions and strategies related with the training of the stakeholders around Social Economy and Entrepreneurship.

The workshop – roundtable will take place on Thursday, 11th of May 2017, 17:45 – 21:00 at conference room of Association of Thessalian Business and Industries, 1st floor.


Workshop – Roundtable Event in the city of Karditsa

The Institute of Entrepreneurship Development in collaboration with the Development Agency of Karditsa, organized a workshop – roundtable for exchanging thoughts, presentation of actions and strategies as well as best practices related with Social Economy and Entrepreneurship.

Region of Karditsa shows a high interest and activity in the field of social economy, therefore a significant pool of success stories and best practices are available (e.g. Stevia Cooperative)

Development Agency of Karditsa has a vast experience in the field of social economy and entrepreneurship, having supported the foundation of several social enterprises in the region Thessaly.

The Institute of Entrepreneurship Development informed the participants about the Erasmus + project “Sentim”. Significant focus was given to the e-learning platform that have been developed within the framework of the project. (

The workshop – roundtable took place on Friday, 7th of July 2017, 09:30 – 14:30 at conference room of Development Agency of Karditsa S.A., 1ST FLOOR.

Social Media and Website

Sentim project earned a significantly popular place on our website and social media. Some of the most important reasons for that are the crucial importance of the mission of the project, the innovative action plan and the high quality of the projects’ activities and outputs. In case you want to explore more about Sentim news, you can visit our social media and website:


📌Event: Social Entrepreneurship for immigrant peopleSentim Project

Publicado por IED Institute of Entrepreneurship Development en Lunes, 2 de octubre de 2017


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