Third transnational meeting and second multiplier event


Third transnational meeting and second multiplier event

On Thursday and Friday, 27-28 October, took place the third transnational meeting of Sentim project and the second multiplier event, in Umbria, Italy.

Third transnational meeting

On Thursday, October 27, at the facilities of the Officina Operaria Bufalini training center in Citta di Castello, the third of the transnational meetings of the Sentim project was held.

Throughout the meeting were presented the results of the workshops developed in Italy (by GO Bufalini) and Spain (Burgos Acoge) to test the methodology to train in competences for entrepreneurship, small adaptations of the methodology were agreed and next steps of Sentim project were planned, including some adjustments in the project schedule.

The final version of the methodology is avalilable here. All the final results of the Sentim project are available on, where results are available in English and their translations in the four partner languages (Italian, Slovenian, Greek and Spanish).

Multiplier event

Next day, on Friday, October 28, 2016, between 10:00 am and 4:30 pm in the Office of the Consultation of Immigrants in Via Imbriani 2, Perugia, a working day took place in under the Sentim project.

According to the report of the Center for Study and Research IDOS on Immigration and Entrepreneurship of 2014, Umbria is the fourth region of central Italy according to the number of companies promoted by immigrants and occupies the sixteenth place at national level with 7,457 companies. Individual companies (about 6,000) are the most widespread form of business among immigrants.

The event focused in promoting business initiatives by immigrants, social entrepreneurship, local development and employment. And migrants who have managed to create their company in Italy or those interested in starting a business in their countries of origin, had the opportunitie to told their own experiences as entrepreneurs or potential entrepreneurs.

Along the multiplier event became known the methodology, specially adapted to the needs of Immigrants, developed to date in the framework of the Sentim project: The evaluation of competencies for the entrepreneurship and the methodology developed to train in competences and to accompany in the entrepreneurship processes.

The event was attended by the partners from the Sentim project who had the opportunity to share experiences and good practices in the following areas: Business training for young people and adult persons of foreign origin; policies and strategies to promote entrepreneurship among citizens of foreign origin; local development and creation of social enterprises under the European regulatory framework; and possibilities of support for immigrants interested in entrepreneurship who wish to return to their countries of origin.

De «Emprendimiento migrante» discutieron Stefano Briganti de la Officina Operaria Bufalini (Citta di Castello), Francesco Francescalia (Regione Umbria), Franco Billi (Regione Umbria) Suleman Diara de la Cooperativa Social Barikamà, Riccardo Fano de la Asociación Ya Basta, Modou Gueye de la Asociación Sociocultural Sunugal, el empresario Robert Stalin Moran, el empresario Arlinda Mukja, Piero Sunzini director de la ONG Tamat, Paolo responsabel regional de ARCI / ARCS e Elisabetta Tricario de CARITAS Diocesana de Foligno.

«Migrant entrepreneurship» discussed by Stefano Briganti of the Offices Operaria Bufalini (Città di Castello), Francesco Francescalia (Regione Umbria), Franco Billi (Regione Umbria) Suleman Diara of the Barikamà Social Cooperative, Riccardo Fano of the Ya Basta Association, Modou Gueye The Sunugal Sociocultural Association, the entrepreneur Robert Stalin Moran, the entrepreneur Arlinda Mukja, Piero Sunzini director of the NGO Tamat, Paolo regional responsible of ARCI / ARCS and Elisabetta Tricario of CARITAS diocesana of Foligno.

The young people of the Association of Young Muslims of Italy, Perugia Section, participants in the workshop on «Training in skills for entrepreneurship» developed under the Sentim project, presented their ideas of social enterprises.

The day served to publicize the methodology developed within Sentim to provide people of immigrant origin with the basic tools to understand concepts and ideas related to entrepreneurship and to learn how to use their skills and knowledge for development innovative and sustainable social enterprises.

Finally, an ad-hoc lunch was prepared by the Mensa chefs with the Tua Testa, the Ya Basta project in association with AIAB Umbria and Ponte Solidale.


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